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One of my clients asked me for business book recommendations that have great stories in them. Here are some of my recommendations:













📕American Icon (Bryce Hoffman) - a phenomenal book about how Alan Mulally (former CEO of Boeing and Ford) turned around the company during the auto crisis.  This story shows the power of committed and compelling leadership.  Ford was arguably one of the most bureaucratic companies in the world and Mullaly along with this team and the organization were able to shift the culture.  They also went from massive quarterly losses to profitable quarters which was an amazing business turnaround.  A powerful story that leaders can intentionally shift and change culture if they are fully committed to the hard work and discipline that is necessary to do this.

📗Shoe Dog (Phil Knight) - a brilliant entrepreneurial story.  I read this book a few years ago and it is amazing to see all the roadblocks, hurdles and harrowing experiences that Phil Knight went through before Nike became successful.  A great story that shows all businesses and entrepreneurs have to go through struggles and how important PERSEVERANCE is for all entrepreneurs. 

📘Delivering Happiness (Tony Hseih) - The story of Zappos shaking the market up and selling shoes online (before online shopping was mainstream) is powerful.  The commitment to company culture and the company obsession with their customers is extremely powerful.  Tony Hseih was a brilliant entrepreneur and leader who passed away a couple of years ago.  A great read!

📙It’s not about the Coffee (Howard Behar) - The Starbucks story from Howard Behar’s perspective.  I really enjoyed how committed Howard Behar was and continues to be when it comes to servant leadership.  A great book on principled leadership that was committed to all team members regardless of what their role was.  A wonderful story of how ideas can come from anywhere in the organization (e.g. the frappuccino) if the right environment is created.  I am actually writing this post in a Starbucks right now and the energy is tremendous!

📕Next on my list:  After Steve (How Apple became a trillion dollar company and lost it’s soul by Tripp Mickle.  

What is your favorite business book that tells the story of a company?

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