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Storytelling & Soft Skill Development

Target Audience:


Individuals and teams with great technical skills who can increase effectiveness by improving their communication skills.  Individuals who want to sharpen up their presentation skills and be great communicators.

Course Objective:


Practical tools to develop competence and confidence in communicating insights and sharing ideas in cross functional teams.


     Public speaking or speaking confidently in group settings is often one of the biggest fears that individuals have. This program is designed to help participants learn and believe that public speaking and finding our individual voices takes practice and is possible with the right mindset, knowledge, exercises and coaching.

     In this session, I share my story and other compelling stories that convey how important soft skills are in one’s development, career growth and business impact. The presentation evolves into practical tips and methods of building insightful and interesting business presentations and documents. The importance of understanding your audience and tailoring your document and/or presentation to the specific stakeholders(s) is emphasized. The session will include a Q&A period.

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