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Finance & Accounting Made Simple, Practical and Fun

Target Audience:


Individuals who have very strong functional knowledge (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain) who can improve their financial comprehension to improve their business decisions.

Course Objective:


Develop well rounded business knowledge and ability to make better business decisions together as a cross-functional team.


     Have you ever been in a Finance or Business meeting and felt like the presenters were speaking a different language? Was your Finance or Accounting professional using technical jargon and referring to the Balance Sheet or P&L or other areas that you were not well-versed in? This seminar demystifies the Finance and Accounting world by explaining these concepts in simple language and provides a comparison to personal Finances that will help any organizational member improve their grasp of financial aspects of the business.

     This will lead to participants making better and well-rounded business decisions and investments. As cross-functional partners make better decisions, it enables Finance and Accounting professionals to take a more holistic approach and focus on additional value-added activities. Teams that have an appreciation and understanding for all areas of the business will perform at a level much higher than teams that have individuals who only voice their functional perspective.

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