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We CHOOSE greatness

Greatness takes commitment, discipline, teamwork, belief and CHOOSING Great habits.

By Ron Monteiro, CPA, CMA

A fantastic experience delivering a keynote to the The Kraft Heinz Company AFH team in Nashville, Tennessee!

This team is delivering great results in 2022. Champions take it to the next level to surpass their accomplishments and that is the plan for 2023!

The theme of the conference is ‘We CHOOSE greatness’ which I absolutely love! I truly believe that greatness is a series of daily choices we make. Greatness takes commitment, discipline, teamwork, belief and CHOOSING Great habits.

I shared several stories to inspire the team to CHOOSE greatness:

🚴‍♂️The British Cycling team’s rise from irrelevance to the top of the podium using a 1% improvement mentality coined by Sir Dave Brailsford.

🤾‍♂️The four minute mile. After Roger Bannister achieved this seemingly impossible conquest, several others broke this barrier because they believed!

🧠 Carol Dweck’s wonderful work on ‘Growth Mindset’. The power of YET. Instead of saying I can’t do this, you say I can’t do this YET. This small but powerful change makes a massive difference in mindset.

🚴‍♂️The Dabbawalas which is a fantastic story of simplicity, laser-focus and customer obsession!

Thank you to Kaveh Pishdad, CPA,CMA, Julien Rouanet, Deborah DiNuzzo, Joe Magnuson and the leadership team for trusting in me.

It was a fantastic full circle moment for me as I had a significant fear of public speaking many years ago. My 15 amazing years at Kraft helped me get over the fear and learn how to enjoy it. It was amazing and exhilarating!

Between 2006-2010 I jumped in the deep end and did many presentations for Kraft including travelling to Foodservice offices around Canada and learning how to engage audiences from the amazing folks I worked with.

🙏🏻I am thankful to all these amazing leaders who had more confidence in me than I had in myself and showed me the way. They chose greatness and inspired me! (Brendan Flynn, Alain Hanna, Bernard Lee, Susan McInnis, CPA, CA, Andrew Hull, MBA, CFA, Thomas Dreher, Tunku Pal, Mark Wiley, Craig Murray, Des O’Doherty, Dan D'Alessandro, Dino Bianco, Colleen Lubic , Rocco Crocco, Lisa Richardson and many more). Leadership can have a massive positive or negative impact on all the folks in their charge! These leaders were a massive POSITIVE influence on me.

I encouraged all 120 of these amazing leaders to step into fear and out of their comfort zone and great things will happen. Pretty cool for me to have stepped into every and any speaking engagement over the last number of years. It paid off as I landed a keynote for one of the leading food companies in the world!

My plan is to keep going and share my passion to help leaders around the world develop high performing teams around the world!

“Everything you want is On the other side of fear” Jack Canfield

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