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Focus Areas & Offerings

1/ Effective Business Communication

       Storytelling & Soft Skill Development

Target Audience:


Individuals and teams with great technical skills who can increase effectiveness by improving their communication skills.  Individuals who want to sharpen up their presentation skills and be great communicators.

Course Objective:


Practical tools to develop competence and confidence in communicating insights and sharing ideas in cross functional teams.


2/ Financial & Business Comprehension

        Finance & Accounting Made Simple, Practical and Fun

Target Audience:


Individuals who have very strong functional knowledge (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain) who can improve their financial comprehension to improve their business decisions.

Course Objective:


Develop well rounded business knowledge and ability to make better business decisions together as a cross-functional team.


3/ Leadership & Management

       The Confident Leader

Target Audience:


Managers who are new to leadership or need a refresher in effective management.  The course focuses on the fundamentals of effective and authentic leadership.  Practical tools and resources are provided based on real world leaders, academic research and 20+ years of experience.

Course Objective:


Build confidence and practical tools and skills in developing and unleashing authentic and natural leadership in individuals.

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